-- आगामी कार्यक्रम --

1) 9Nov - 17Nov
राम बालक जी महाराज जयपुर वृन्दावन

2) 19Nov-26Nov
जयेश भाई जोशी मुंबई

3) 7Dec-28Dec
माँ भवानी मंदिर आचार्य भोपाल द्रिवेदी छत्तीसगढ़

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Sri Lalita Devi
Shri chakratirth
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Shri Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev
Shri Maug Anandmayie Ashram
Sri Swami Ashram Nardannd
Shri Sita Rasoi Mandir
Shri Dev Deveshwar - Mahadeva
Hatya Haran
Sri Lalita Devi

This place is described very holy on earth and is stated to be very dear to Lord Shiva. There is a belief, which says, it is meritorious to have a bath in the sacred tanks of this place, on Somavati Amavasya. I have also been to Nimsar and taken this holy bath, which blessed me a lot. A Parikrama Fair is held in the month of Phalguna, every year and is believed to be very beneficial. People from all over the world come here during this period for the grace of the Lord. The chief temple of Naimisaranya is of Lalita Devi. Naimisaranya also has forests, which has been an abode to about 60,000 sages. Another famous orator, Romaharshana, also known as Suta, recited various Puranas, here. In Vayu Purana, it is stated that it is the duty of the Suta community to maintain the lists of the Kings. They have to recite the Itihasa and the Puranas, as a ritual.