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1) 9Nov - 17Nov
राम बालक जी महाराज जयपुर वृन्दावन

2) 19Nov-26Nov
जयेश भाई जोशी मुंबई

3) 7Dec-28Dec
माँ भवानी मंदिर आचार्य भोपाल द्रिवेदी छत्तीसगढ़

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Sri Lalita Devi
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Shri Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev
Shri Maug Anandmayie Ashram
Sri Swami Ashram Nardannd
Shri Sita Rasoi Mandir
Shri Dev Deveshwar - Mahadeva
Hatya Haran
Shri Hanuman Garhi

This place is considered to be the most beautiful places in Naimisharanya. Here the Path of Sunderkand holds uncanny grandeur. The sacred grove of Panch Pandavas is also situated here.
                                                                         This place is not only a definite visit for people with a spiritual bent of mind but apart from being a place of religious importance, Hanuman Garhi is also known for its natural strategic location perched at a certain height and perfect level of the hill that offers tourist with a graceful and clear scenic visibility of the Sunrise and Sunset making it literally famous as one of the best places in this region that present such wonderful sights of the sun. For those visiting this place, it is an experience of a lifetime to watch this enchanting view and a mandatory visit. You can also see the opposite hill that has a temple of Shitala Devi and the Ashram of Lila-Shah Bapu established.

Manager :Mahant Bajrang Das Shri Hanuman Gadhi Pandav Killa Nemisharanya Sitapur
Asst. Manager : Pawan Kumar Shastri Shri Hanuman Gadhi Pandav Killa Nemisharanya Sitapur