-- आगामी कार्यक्रम --

1) 9Nov - 17Nov
राम बालक जी महाराज जयपुर वृन्दावन

2) 19Nov-26Nov
जयेश भाई जोशी मुंबई

3) 7Dec-28Dec
माँ भवानी मंदिर आचार्य भोपाल द्रिवेदी छत्तीसगढ़

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For cooperation in the works at Shri Hanuman Gadhi Pach Pandaw Keela
  • The grand temple and Shri Shyam Prebhuakatwwale Hanumat Satsang Bhawan which length and width of approximately 250*100 fit. Construction work has started. Therefore, the faithful in the sacramental act in the name of your ancestors or your name want to cooperate in diya mandir & Shri Hanumat satsang Bhawan ,may contact to Mahantji (Hanuman Gadhi). the stone name plate of the person will be diplayed in the shyam temple & Shri hanumant satsang Bhawan, who will donate for the temple & Hanumat Satsang Bhawan
  • 125 rooms, Shri Hanumt Shyam Guest House (attached bathroom) is proposed in which 62 rooms are already executed.Therefore, the devotees who are interested for the room building in Dharamshala should contact to Shri Hanuman Gadi.The dewotees name on stone will be put out side of the room.
   Your support has been provide a new direction of these plans.  
please send draft & chaque to this name or Axis Bank Account No. 542010100021739 .
Shri Hanumat Akhand Ann Chattra Seva Samitee,Shri Hanuman Gadhi Namisharanya, Sitapur, U.P.